How we work

Whenever a claim is made, it is a time consuming and potentially complex process. We aim to make this as swift and painless as possible for all parties. We work closely with you, the Insured and their broker to find the simplest, most economically efficient way of limiting the financial impact of the insured event. We achieve this by:


By combining technical knowledge, industry expertise and well-honed processes, we provide a cost-effective service that anticipates your requirements, reassures you that your clients’ claims are in safe hands, and saves you and the client money. We ensure that all parties clearly understand the scope of the loss that is payable under the policy before costs are committed and that this information is presented in a thorough but easy to follow manner.


Response Times - 24/7 guaranteed

We understand that film and TV production is a 24/7 business. We provide claimants with our mobile numbers and are happy to take calls and make ourselves available to clients outside of normal UK office hours so that claims can be reported and acted on immediately.

Loss parameters and exposure - defined swiftly

We anticipate what costs the Insured may incur that may not be recoverable and make it clear what is and isn’t covered so that they can make an informed choice regarding expenditure. We believe it is particularly important at an early stage to manage your client’s expectations and draw their attention and that of their broker to any potential coverage issues/ cost items so that any decisions they make are based on what is likely to happen rather than unrealistic expectations.

Recovery prospects - identified early

We work closely with Insurers and their preferred solicitors, if applicable, to identify at the outset any potential to recover money from a responsible third party. We aim to prevent potential leakage by ensuring that such recovery prospects are actively followed-up, subject , of course, to the cost/benefit of achieving such recovery being economically justified.

Reporting - timely, detailed and plain language

Once the loss parameters have been defined, we capture all information and distil this into a clear, concise and jargon-free report that will enable you to understand the situation easily and determine coverage. We provide you with further updates at 30 day intervals or as required. Once liability has been accepted and a final claim presented, our detailed audit spread sheet shows the claimed costs, which we audit by reference to the applicable contracts/invoices/receipts and the original budget. We’ll present this to you for final approval prior to you issuing settlement of the claim.

Communication - proactive and consistent

We use the very best software and technology to run an efficient diary and file management system – one that enables us to keep abreast of any claim, facilitate its settlement, and provide a consistent approach to managing and processing all communication. This includes a transparent breakdown of how our own charges have been incurred and calculated.

Audits - real cost, thorough and transparent

Most claims are audited and settled based on actual, additional costs incurred rather than an estimate/cash basis. We conduct a thorough audit and present this is a clear, easy-to-follow spreadsheet. We’ll provide a preliminary loss reserve within 24 hours of receiving details of a new claim, along with our own fee reserve and we constantly monitor our reserving accuracy to give the most likely outcome and amend reserves immediately we become aware of any new factors impacting on the loss and fees

Claim turnaround - fast

Irrespective of size, all claims, receive the same attention and service levels. We respond to all telephone calls the same day and deal with any incoming correspondence within five days. As soon as we are appointed by you, we make the initial broker/client contact and begin the claims investigation the same day. We aim to investigate thoroughly and settle claims within a target turnaround time of three months for an average claim that interrupts a production. Some property claims can of course be agreed and settled much faster. We continually monitor file turnaround times to improve our service.

“We will never stand still. We are committed to developing our people, systems and technology to provide the best possible service to our clients and the rapidly evolving industries we work with.”

Marion Jones
Managing Director

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