Spotlite Claims Limited specialises in providing loss adjusting services to the entertainment industry.  Our core services cover adverse weather, advertising, contingency, film and television claims including non-appearance and cancellation of musical, sporting and leisure events.  

In the entertainment industry a fast response to claims is essential. We provide you with immediate availabilityto keep the production working, saving everyone  inconvenience, time and money.  Where this is simply not possible, we work to mitigate the loss and prevent leakage. We will realise all possible savings and swiftly initiaate third party recovery or salvage action. OUr expertise ecompasses both material damage and interruption losses. 

We have negotiated strong discounts with equipment suppliers and work with various specialists to ensure the rapid inspection and assessment of material damage claims. We also work with specialist Liability Adjusters when a claim includes some element of general liability or personal injury.  At Spotlite we have the experience and ability to audit claims in house but also use independent forensic accountants, experienced in the film and contingency industries, to assist with inital financial assessments or with final audits. 

Adverse Weather

Many Insurers choose to nominate Spotlite Claims as Supervising Adjuster to monitor the weather in the run-up to an event or shoot. Our highly experienced Adjusters work with the client to review the various options avoid or mitigate the effects of adverse weather.  These options might include reviewing access/ground-preparation plans for venues to enable events to go ahead in spite of poor weather.  We also look at shoot-around / re-scheduling and post-production options for film crews.  We are able to recommend meteorologists to act as independent weather observers in areas where there is no representative nearby weather station.  These independent meteorologists are also able to attend film shoots or events whenever and wherever required.   


We handle claims arising on a worldwide basis under CPI, AAI and Advertising Wrap policies, for Insurers based in the UK, Europe and US including Death and Disgrace and non-appearance.  We work closely with, and keep informed, all of the various interested parties including cost controllers.  At Spotlite we also have the ability to handle deductible funds.  Where suitable we use local Adjusters on the ground to conduct investigations under our close supervision.  Our Adjusters keep abreast of changes in local rules and regulations relating to the industry, both at trade associations and national legislation level.


Our Contingency expertise encompasses non-appearance and postponement or cancellation of major classical, rock and pop concerts and festivals, theatrical productions and sporting events, as well as all manner of trade fairs, local fetes and firework displays.  No claim is too large or too small.  Our team includes event industry experts with particular knowledge of ticketing and event management.


We are able to handle such contingency losses in the UK, Europe and rest of the world, working closely with licensed local Adjusters, as required in the USA and elsewhere.  Whatever the scale of the event, our priority is as always to work with the Insured and Broker to minimise losses for the benefit of all and to offer our customary fast, concise reporting and cost-conscious service.

Our energetic team is committed to finding creative solutions to any entertainment industry-related claim and risk management issue.  Please call us at any time to see if we may be able to assist.


Our clients include all of the principal film Insurers in the UK, Europe and USA.  We have worked on films of all sizes, from major US studio blockbusters to small low budget independents. We have the expertise to handle claims ranging from small equipment and third party liability losses to major interruption or abandonment losses. Our technical expertise and knowledge of the filmmaking process also enables us to handle complex claims arising from inter-alia damage to film negative, digital artefacts or loss of data. 


Our Adjusters and support staff have considerable experience in handling claims for the largest broadcaster schemes, both in the UK and Europe. We often work on an exclusive, scheme basis with settlement or delegated authority. We have a track record of consistently meeting Service Level Agreements and providing flexible management accounting. Our reporting enables Insurers and Brokers to identify trends, take appropriate risk management measures and rate risks appropriately.  Our expertise encompasses news, one-off drama and series, documentary, comedy, game and reality shows. 

“We use Spotlite because the team is competent, reliable and fast and practices active claims management. Being able to communicate with us, our brokers and our policyholders in English, French and German is a real bonus. ”

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